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Warehouse Technology


Warehouse Technology

A Warehouse Management System (WMS), that anticipates and meets your information needs is important for coordinating and monitoring the storage and movement of goods and warehoused inventory as well as increasing the efficiency of a company’s logistics operations. Many of the requirements for this system include:

  • Real-time, searchable inventory listings
  • Inventory control
  • Reporting
  • Tracking
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Order fulfillment

Sterling’s proprietary WMS technology (WICS) provides your company with the powerful tools you need to fulfill these requirements. WICS’s capabilities to manage and monitor your offsite inventory include:

  • Secure online access for multiple users, 24/7 (password protected)
  • Searchable transaction history
  • Real-time, searchable inventory listing
  • Automatic event-based notifications
  • Automatic and on-demand inventory reporting
  • Data entry through handheld barcode scanners
  • Paperless invoicing
  • Online scheduling of pickups and deliveries
  • Automatic event-based notifications
  • Shipment history
Inventory tracking, shipping and receiving
inventory control and reporting