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Technology and Security Tools


Technology tools, warehouse management system

Sterling is committed to investing in the latest technology tools using our robust IT platform for security, tracking, and inventory. This allows us to provide your employees with the most efficient, economical moving services possible in addition to streamlining our processes to minimize costs This ensures the most secure, smooth running relocation experience for everyone involved. Our tools include:

Inventory systems and cloud-based tracking technology
  • A cloud-based tracking system and warehouse management system that enables you to locate your valuables from pickup to delivery and storage
  • Satellite tracking and communications that enable us to be in close contact with our drivers and service providers in real-time
  • Handheld computers that allow in-home surveyors to provide thorough, detailed estimates
  • Inventory systems to ensure each item is accurately recorded and tracked
  • Warehouse facilities with state-of-the-art security, climate control, and fire protection systems